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Marine Business Insurance FAQs

How much can I insure my vessel for?

The majority of our carriers will only provide coverage for the purchase price of the vessel, with consideration towards capital improvements in the boat. The CAPEX must be documented. We have some carriers that will provide slightly higher options provided the survey value (Market, Not Replacement) supports the limit.
Generally, assume the purchase price for quality yacht programs.

I don’t have a boat, but am looking. Can you provide a rate?

Give us a call at 843-606-5270. We are usually able to provide fairly accurate assumptions based on key pieces of information, relative to current rates. We can also run firm rates through our carriers. We are happy to do both and discuss any questions.

How quickly can I get coverage bound?

• Boats (under 27′) – Same Day
• Yachts – Generally we like 3-5 days to work all our carriers. However, we have several programs that have real time rating and binding. We can generally accommodate VERY short binding fuses.

What vessels require a survey?

• Only applies to Private Pleasure Vessels 27′ or greater and Charter Vessels – as described below.
• Private Pleasure – Carriers Vary: Most carriers require a survey if the vessel is over 10 years in age. However, we have a couple options that provide longer periods.
Program 1: No survey for vessels between 10-26 years of age that are valued under $40,000 and 40′ or less
– Continental US only
– Only Fiberglass Production Vessels
Program 2: Valuation of $60,000 or greater; won’t require a survey if the vessel is under 20 years in age.
– Worldwide Navigation

What companies do you have access to and what are their ratings?

We have access to MANY markets and only deal with carriers who have an expertise in the marine segment. All our carriers are at least “A” rated with AM best.


Where are you located?

Our office is located in Charleston, South Carolina at the City Marina.

What is Uninsured Boater Coverage?

This provides MEDICAL coverage that is required as a result of an Uninsured Boater. Damage to your vessel is protected under your Property Coverage.

How can I get a lower premium?

  1. Raise deductibles. Generally the higher the deductible, the lower the premium. Ask though, because often there is a threshold where the return becomes significantly diminished.
  2. Education. While not all carriers take this into account, those who do provide nice discounts for safety courses, training and licensing.
  3. Navigation – Dialing in your navigational territory (especially on yachts) can provide significant relief. Having a navigational limit into areas with Hurricane Exposure, without the need to travel there, can add additional load. One off short trips outside the territory can usually be handled via endorsement.

Company Information

Maritime Insurance International
3 Lockwood Drive
Suite 302A
Charleston, SC 29401

Mystic, CT Office:
P.O. Box 30
West Mystic, CT 06388-0030

Contact Details

Phone: 843.606.5270
Fax: 888.482.6844

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 5:00pm

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