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U.S. Customs Bonds

Cargo InsuranceMaritime Insurance International knows the value of compliance with the often cumbersome rules and regulations surrounding United States Customs. With bustling and growing ports in and near the city of Charleston, many transporters, importers, foreign trade zone operators, and brokers rely on our agents to provide U.S. Customs bonds correctly and on time.

Maritime Insurance International provides both continuous (numerous shipments) and single transaction bonds for our clients. U.S. customs bonds guarantee that both import duties and taxes on goods and products introduced to the United States will be paid. These bonds also ensure that your cargo will adhere to all U.S. Customs rules and regulations.

Call our surety specialist Matthew Clarke at 843.300.1890, or email any questions to:

Failing to pay duties and taxes that are owed to the U.S. Government can have strict penalties. A U.S. Customs bond through a trusted provider can make shipping to the United States stress free. The reason is simple. If something goes wrong that prevents you from paying the duties and taxes on time to United States Customs, the bond will pay the duties for you.

A premium must be paid in order to access this bond, and money can be owed to the surety company if it pays your taxes and duties for you. However, knowing that you have an insurance measure against defaulting on duties and taxes can help to bring your company peace of mind. To make things even easier for our clients, Maritime Insurance accepts online payment for U.S. Customs bonds.

Maritime Insurance International has years of experience providing U.S. Customs bonds, and we will work to ensure you get a top quality product for your money. Call us today to speak to a qualified representative. We look forward to helping you meet your U.S. Customs bond needs.

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